32 Years of Service at SCA

1Q01090On Sunday, June 26th, Mr. Edward Thomas of Danville, PA was honored for 32 years of outstanding service to Sunbury Christian Academy (SCA) and the surrounding community. Mr. Thomas received a citation of merit from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has taught 4th grade at SCA for 30 years and is known for his love of history and educating students. He is a sought after and loved teacher by many of his students.

Mr. Thomas has served the community in a variety of ways including Civil War and WWII re-enactments in Northumberland, Sunbury, Selinsgrove, Danville, Bloomsburg and Berwick areas. He has served as a guide for the Holiday Train, a WWII vintage passenger car, designed to emulate the Polar Express. Mr. Thomas has provided tours for the Holiday Train in towns such as Bloomsburg, Sunbury, Williamsport and Bellefonte. Mr. Thomas has also provided Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWII re-enactments for “Living History”, a community event sponsored by the Montgomery House of Danville, PA

Mr. Thomas plans to continue to be involved at SCA and in the community as he is able. His love for history, his godly example, and his commitment to serve others are examples we should all strive to emulate.