Book-it starts

It was nice to see some of you at the Race for Education. I think the students do much better
when a parent or relative is here to run with them. We are continuing to adjust and have a
good school year.
Book-it starts tomorrow. Sometimes we will have time to read in school and we will mark
down the times on our calendar at school. Sometimes you will read at home and mark the
time on your at-home calendar. At the end of the month we will combine the two calendars
and hopefully each student will have at least 200 minutes. If not, we will continue counting
minutes until 200 is reached.
We have a field trip on Friday, Oct. 4th to T and D Cats. I have enough drivers, but make sure
each child has his/her booster seat for the trip. It costs $4, plus money for lunch at McDonalds,
and the souvenir shop, if it is open.
We will say our verse and have our spelling test before we go.
We are looking forward to Grandparent’s Day next week. We hope all the grandparents can
come to see our show and to visit the classroom to see what we are learning.