Tests- week of 9/15-9/19

Wed. will be the first reading test. Just study the worksheets that come home. Thurs. will be the first Science test. Study chapter 1. Friday will be Scripture- Exodus 15:2, and spelling test 3. … [Read more...]


This week we will be starting some more tests. Besides spelling and scripture, we will be having a math test each Thursday. Then phonics tests will be added the next week and will continue each week. On Monday, Sept. 8th, we will have our first … [Read more...]

New School Year

The year has started off in a super way! We are learning new things and adjusting to a new school year. We want to welcome our two new students--Ashlyn Stump and Gideon Showers. One boy and one girl so it keeps the class fairly even. Hopefully you … [Read more...]


It has been tough with the days off and the 2-hour delays to feel like we are accomplishing anything. We are still trudging along and hopefully learning some new things. Our community helper reports have been moved up into this week, and finished … [Read more...]

Christmas is near

Our Savior's birth will soon be celebrated, and I pray that all is well in your family. The Christmas program is this Thursday at 7:00. The students are to report to their rooms at 6:30. Come dressed and¬†looking pretty for the audience. Also on … [Read more...]

HAbitat Assignment

I am so thankful for the class God has given me. They are so eager to learn. This week before Thanksgiving we will just have our regular spelling, verse, math, and phonics tests. The three short days right before Thanksgiving we will have … [Read more...]

Week of 11/4-11/8

So sorry that we did not get to take our seed walk because of rain and wet grass. We will try to do it on Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting. Tests for this week are: Language on Monday Bible on Tuesday Science on Wednesday Verse and … [Read more...]

End of Quarter

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the first quarter. Most of your children will do well on their report cards this quarter because what we have done is mostly review. Expect things to get a little more difficult from now on. … [Read more...]

October 7-11

We are practicing for Grandparent's Day! We hope you are coming. This week we have a Bible test on Wednesday on Moses, p.9-24. Regular spelling and verse tests will be on Friday. We will not have show and tell on Thurs. because we are doing a … [Read more...]

Book-it starts

It was nice to see some of you at the Race for Education. I think the students do much better when a parent or relative is here to run with them. We are continuing to adjust and have a good school year. Book-it starts tomorrow. Sometimes we will … [Read more...]