HW assignments for week of Dec. 9

Mon. - Study for History test-p. 63-97 Tues. - Reading p. 38-43.  Answer questions. Science test Tues.  Book-p. 81-104  Activity Manual p. 72-84 Wed. -Study for Bible quiz p. 49-52.  Recite Col. 3:17 Thurs. - None Fri.- Spelling Pretest List … [Read more...]

HW assignments for Nov. 25-29

There is only one HW assignment for this week. Mon.- Bible quiz p.45-48.  Recite Luke 8:15 Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Chapel .  It does begin at 9 and we would love to have you come and join us. Please make sure all cards for Milena are … [Read more...]

HW for week of Nov.18

Hw assignments are as follows: Mon.-Study Bible p. 41-44.  Recite John 3:3. Thurs.-Spelling Pretest List 12. Fri.-Spelling-Write missed words 5 times each. Reminders: We are going to Emmanuel Home on Thurs. to perform our Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

HW for week of Nov. 11, 2013

HW assignments are as follows: Mon.-Bible quiz p. 37-40 and recite 1 John 4:7-8 Tues.-NONE Wed.-NONE Thurs.-Spelling Pretest List 12 and Science Test p. 43-58 and activity manual p.43-56 Fri.-Spelling Missed words 5 times each Please use … [Read more...]

Hw for week of Nov. 11

The following is a list of hw assignments: Mon.-Study for Bible quiz p. 33-36 and recite Prov. 15:29 Tues.-Reading p. 2-7 Answer questions Wed.-NONE Thurs.-Study for Pretest list 11 Fri.-Write all missed spelling words 5 times.  Test … [Read more...]

hw for week of Oct.28

Homework assignments are as follows: Mon.-Science test p.60-80 and activity manual p. 58-70 Bible quiz p. 29-32 and recite John 14:6 Tues.- Reading p. 116-124 Wed.- NONE Thurs.-Spelling Pretest List 10 Fri.- Spelling- Missed words 5 times … [Read more...]

Homework for week of Oct. 21,2013

Homework assignments are as follows: Mon.- Study for Bible quiz p. 25-28 and recite 1 Corinthians 3:11 Tues.- Reading- p. 64-68 Wed.- NONE Thurs.- Study for History test p. 30-61 and Pretest L. 9 Fri.- Write each misspelled word from Pretest 5 … [Read more...]

HW for week of Oct. 7

The following is a list of this week's homework: Mon.-Animal poster is due tomorrow. Tues.-Reading p. 183-189.  Answer questions. Wed.-Study for Pretest L.7 Bible-Recite Matthew 5:16 and quiz p. 21-24. Thurs.-Spelling- Missed words from the … [Read more...]

week of Sept. 30

Homework assignments for this week are as follows: Mon.-Bible-Recite Luke 6:40 and quiz p. 17-20. Tues.-Study for pretest list 6. Wed.-Write each misspelled word on the pretest 5 times.  You will have until Fri. to complete this … [Read more...]

Week of Sept. 23

Homework assignments for this week are as follows: Mon.-Study L. 5 in spelling.  Pretest tomorrow. Tues.-Write missed words from pretest 5 times each. Wed.-Study for Science test.  p. 25-42 and activity manual p. 31-42 Thurs.- Reading p. … [Read more...]