Chemistry – Syllabus

Chemistry – Mrs. Heather Keller


My hours at Sunbury Christian Academy are 1 – 3 pm each school day, or you may contact me at (570) 594-1575 (cell phone) or (e-mail) with questions or concerns.  Homework and assignments will also be posted weekly on the SCA web site.

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible


Chemistry, Bob Jones University Press, Third Edition

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is two-fold, for students to:

  • Gain an understanding of basic chemistry concepts such as the make-up of matter, atomic structure, molecular bonds, solutions, chemical properties and reactions as per Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for Chemistry, and
  • Develop a Christian worldview regarding the science of chemistry including gaining a deeper understanding of the wonders of God’s creation and how chemistry can be used to show love to others by obeying the Creation Mandate in Genesis 1:26, 28 (i.e. exercising good and wise dominion over the earth by managing God’s world and its resources).

Course Expectations:

Participation / Homework (20%):  Active engagement in class discussions and group work is expected of all students.  In addition, completion of assigned homework in a timely manner is required.  Homework will typically be reviewed in class the day that it is due, and will be returned to students for their use in preparing for tests.  Homework will be graded as a check, check minus, or zero, depending upon if it is turned in on time and complete, late or incomplete, or not at all.

Bell-ringer Questions (Not graded):  Students will respond to bell-ringer questions at the beginning of each class period which follows a previous class period with instruction on new content.  These bell-ringer questions will serve as a formative assessment to direct subsequent instruction on that topic.

Lab Assignments and Projects (30%):  Lab assignments and projects such as posters, demonstrations, or research papers will be incorporated to support the learning of material in each chapter in a more hands-on way.  Students will be expected to utilize scientific inquiry and problem solving techniques as well as effectively communicate their experimental outcomes or research.  Assignments and projects must be completed by given due dates.  10% will be deducted for each day an assignment is turned in late without an excused absence.

Chapter Tests and Quizzes (50%):  Tests will be administered at the end of each chapter as a summative assessment of each student’s learning of that material.  Quizzes will also be given during the unit as a check of comprehension.  Tests and quizzes will typically be in a written format with a mix of selected answer and constructed answer responses, however, they may also include other formats such as performance assessments.


Grades will be based upon a points system, with points in each course requirement area being weighted per the percentages indicated above.  The student’s overall grade for the marking period will be determined as follows:

98 – 100 = A+,                     95 – 97.99 = A,                    92 – 94.99 = A-,

89 – 91.99 = B+,                 85 – 88.99 = B,                   83 – 84.99 = B-,

80 – 82.99 = C+,                 76 – 79.99 = C,                   74 – 75.99 = C-,

71 – 73.99 = D+,                67 – 70.99 = D,                   65 – 66.99 = D-,                 0 – 64.99 = F


Academic honesty is expected in all work in the course including citation of the words or ideas of others in research papers.


I’m looking forward to working with each one of you this year and helping you to be successful not only as a chemistry student, but also in growing in your appreciation of God’s creation and the use of scientific knowledge in serving others.  Your learning is my focus, so do not hesitate to reach out to me for extra help with difficult concepts or problems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Keller

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