Christmas is near

Our Savior’s birth will soon be celebrated, and I pray that all is well in your family.

The Christmas program is this Thursday at 7:00. The students are to report to their
rooms at 6:30. Come dressed and looking pretty for the audience.
Also on Thursday, our show and tell will be China. I will be doing some special things on
Thursday and Friday.
The next science test will be on Wednesday, Dec. 11, on all the habitats. The students did
a wonderful job on their habitat projects. Look for an article in the school newspaper with
This week we will have our regular scripture and spelling tests.
Next week we will have a Bible test on David and Thanksgiving.
The spelling test on Dec. 20th will be Christmas words, but it will only count for a grade
if it improves the grade.

Don’t forget to buy a $3-5 gift for a boy or girl, and sign up for your snack for the party.
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!