EITC Scholarships


SCA has been blessed to have several area businesses participate in the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credits) program this year!  They have designated funds specifically for use as scholarships for our SCA families.

What does that mean to you?

If you meet the qualifications for these funds, you could receive between 10-90% off your tuition.  Distribution will be based on need, the number of students in the school, and incomeThe 2020-2021 financial guidelines are as follows:

Annual household income must not exceed $92,160 + $16,222 for each dependent child living within the household.

  • One child family – $92,160 + $16,222 = $108,382
  • Two child family – $92,160 + $32,444 = $124,604
  • Three child family – $92.160 + $48,666 = $140,826
  • Four child family – $190,160 + $64,888 = $157.088
  • Five child family – $92,160 + $81,110 = $173, 270
  • Six child family – $$92,160 + 97,332 = $189,492

How do I apply?

An EITC application must be completed to be considered for this scholarship and Pennsylvania law requires that a third party be used to determine eligibility. The state of Pennsylvania sets minimum guidelines and requires complete confidentiality. Only the administrator oversees the EITC program.

Application forms for the EITC scholarship are available online at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3NT2N  

NOTE: the application deadline is May 15, 2021

SCA requires all families receiving money to adhere to all school policies and procedures, support SCA sponsored fundraisers, be current with tuition payments, and present SCA in a positive light.

We encourage you to apply.  Applications will be processed the first week of June. Paying for a Christian education is an important investment.  We desire to keep programming accessible because we believe Christian education is valuable.

We thank God for the businesses that participate in our program.  If you know of a business that would like to participate in our tax credit program, please have them contact JoAnn Kieffer at scasuperintendent@ptd.net, Brandi Heintzelman at sbc3@ptd.net or call 570-473-7355.

Please take the time to thank and patronize the following businesses for their support of Christian education at SCA:

Billings Vending Service

Champion Christian School SPE, LLC Partners (Daniel Renno and Laura Shrawder-Miles)

Children’s Tuition Fund of PA Scholarship Partners, LLC (Sharlene Pollack and Christopher Shughart)

Chiropractic First, Inc. (Darron Erdman)

The Erdman Agency, Inc. (Bill Troutman)

First Commonwealth Bank, Milton Branch

Martz Gap View Hunting Preserve, Inc.

Northumberland National Bank, Northumberland Branch


Weis Markets, Inc.