Elementary Basketball Program

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The Athletic Directors from the area Christian schools; Sunbury Christian Academy, Northumberland Christian School, Juniata Mennonite School, New Covenant Academy and Columbia County Christian School run an elementary basketball program for boys and girls in 4th through 6th grades. This is a developmental league, it is competitive but the main goals are to have fun, keep the kids moving and learn more about the basics of basketball.

The season runs for 6 weeks with tentative start dates at the beginning of March. Games are only on Tuesday nights and practice times and dates are set by each individual school. Games consist of 4 – 8 minute quarters with a running clock.  The clock will only stop at the 4:00 mark of each quarter for mandatory 30 sec. substitutions.  No timeouts will be given.

This is a development league and therefore, every player must play at least one full quarter. Non shooting fouls will result in retaining possession. Shooting fouls will result in the fouled team receiving 1 point and retaining possession. Non shooting fouls in the final minute of the 4th quarter will receive 1 point and the basketball out-of-bounds on the sideline. No full court pressing.