Elementary Students at Sight and Sound










The second through fifth graders took a day off from the normal school routine. No, it wasn’t another snow day! We went on a field trip to see Sight and Sound Theaters’ production of Jonah! After a two-hour bus ride, with activity packets and games of BINGO, we arrived at the theater, where the Bible comes to life!

The students were mesmerized as they watched Jonah try to escape from the presence of God, after he is given the objectionable task of going to the violent, blood-thirsty city of Nineveh. After being cast into the sea, Jonah is swallowed by a whale, which was truly larger than life. The whale spits Jonah up on the beach and God again tells Jonah to cry out against the city of Nineveh. When Jonah does, the Ninevites repent of their evil ways and cry out to God for mercy.

The finale of the show included a truly moving reminder of the fact that the grace that God had for the city of Nineveh is the same grace that He has for each and every one of us! In sending Jesus, God extended to each of us undeserved grace, mercy, and favor. At the conclusion of the show, the students were full of comments like, “That was the best play I’ve ever seen!” and “The whale was amazing!” However, my very favorite comment was simple and to the point, “I liked the ending, when God saved the Ninevites.” Hopefully, this production helped the students to see the gospel in all of Scripture and reflect on everything that God has done for them in sending Jesus. I know one thing is for sure: All the students CANNOT WAIT to return to Sight & Sound.