for those of you who check your homework- here it is!!! Sept. 9-13

7th grade-  Wednesday’s verse – Psalm 27:1          Thursday – a crossword puzzle is due – key words from Judges    Friday- we will have a test on chapter 3  (Othniel)

7th grade Health- we will have a quiz on Friday on chapter 2 part 1

8th grade- Wednesday’s verse- Matthew 6:25     Thursday a parable that you wrote in modern language is due

9th grade- Wednesday’s verse- Romans 11:33-36    Thursday a crossword puzzle on various attributes of God is due

10th grade- Wednesday’s verse- I Corinthians 10:12,13       Monday – your Jewish feast is due      Friday we will have a test on

11th grade Health- Monday we will have a test on chapter 1 “welcome to the human b0dy”. Wednesday we will begin the skeletal system