here is this week’s homework- October 28-31 and Nov 1 (for those of you who check it)

7th grade Bible- Wednesday’s memory verse is Psalm 20:7,8    Thursday we will have a test on chapters 7 &8 – the life of Gideon.
I will be assigning a parable for you to write on the topic of pride – it will be due next Monday

7th grade Health- Tuesday we will be continuing the respiratory system, then we will start the nervous system- which we will
finish up on Friday

8th grade Bible- Wednesday’s memory verse is John 15:5 .   your assigned person from the book of Acts is due on Wednesday also
All this week  we will be in the book of Acts

9th grade Bible- Wednesday’s memory verse is Ephesians 2:10. we will be having a test on Wednesday on our notes from the “last
days”.  Thursday we will go over a timeline of events, and on Friday will begin the book of Revelation

10th grade Bible- Monday starts our individual judge presentation.  Wednesday’s memory verse is Isaiah 55:8,9. by Friday we
will have finished the book of Judges , and review for a test on the following Monday

11th grade Health-  on Monday we will have a test on the first part of chapter 3 – Vocab. exercise A, then follow with a discussion on eating disorders. Wednesday will find us deep into the second part of chapter 3- vocab. exercise B

have a great week everyone!