Homeowork for the week of November 18-22

7th grade- Monday we will behaving a test on the book of Ruth.  Wednesday’s verse is Ruth 1:16,17  (her vow to Naomi) all this week then we will be discussing our next judge – Jephthah

7th grade Health- Tuesday we will have a quiz on chapter 3 – part 1- nutrients ( use your worksheet to study for this) . on Friday we will discuss the food pyramid and eating disorders

8th grade Bible- we will be continuing the  book of Romans. Wednesday’s verse is Romans 8:28. on Thursday we will review all of Romans, for a test on Friday on the entire book of Romans.

9th  grade Bible-  Monday we will continue in Revelation 4 & 5. Wednesday’s verse is I Thess. 4:16,17. Thursday we will have a quiz on Revelation 4 & 5 and then start Revelation 6 – the seal judgments.

10th grade Bible- all this week we will be in the book of I Samuel. Wednesday’s verse is Psalm 139:15,16 (adding onto last week’s verse) . Wednesday we will begin our individual accounts from the book of I Samuel. probably by Friday we will be having a review of this book.

11th grade Health- Monday we will check your fitness logs, see how you (and I) are doing … we will finish chapter 4- part 1, and then have a quiz on this section on Wednesday. we will then start part 2 a section on weight training.