Homework 1/5 to 1/9

Please click on read more to see the full table of assignments for this week Homework assignments and due dates are subject to change if notified in class.

This Week’s Homework in Mr. Bastian’s Classes:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6th NWS Comprehension check 7F (pg 121) due Wed  Comprehension check 7F (pg 121) due Wed Section Summary due Fri Section Summary due Fri  None
7th Wld Cultures None Video questions due Wed. None None Columbus Questions Due Monday
8th Am. Hst. Activity 1 WS Due Tue None Response Worksheet due Thur. None Washington’s Farewell Address Questions Due Monday
9th Geo Map of Eastern Europe Due Tuesday. None None Activity 3 due Fri None
10th Wld Hst Map of HRE due Tuesday. None None Pope Questions Due Mon Pope Questions Due Mon
11th Am. Hst NW Territory labeling due Tuesday None None Activity 2 due Fri None