homework assignments for December 2-6

7th grade Bible-  Wednesday’s memory verse is Proverbs 16:7,9 . we won’t have class till
Wednesday, so don’t forget to look at your verse beforehand. we will pick up the story of
Samson, review the early part of his life, and have a test on Friday (chap 13)

7th grade Health- will be finishing chapter 3 – and review, for a quiz on Friday.

8th grade Bible- Wednesday’s verse is Romans 12:1,2. remember we don’t have class till
Wednesday, so look over your  verse before class. on Wed. we will be reviewing from
Matthew through Romans. I will give out a homework assignment on the role of women
that will be due on Friday. Thursday we will start the book of I Corinthians, and will
continue on Friday.

9th grade Bible- Wednesday’s memory verse is I Thess. 4:17- remember we won’t have
class till Wednesday, so look over your verse beforehand. Wednesday we will start Rev.
7,and will continue through Rev. 9 (trumpet judgments). possibly by Friday will have
test on Rev. 7-9

10th grade Bible-  Wednesday’s verse is Luke 14:26,27,43. we won’t have class till
Wednesday, so remember to look over these verse before class Wednesday. we will be
reviewing Wednesday from Genesis through I Samuel. Thursday we start II Samuel, and
will continue through Friday.

11th grade Health- Wednesday we will finish chapter 4- vocab. exercise B, and review for
a test on the following Monday

11th and 12th grade Creative Living- don’t forget to bring in your assigned ingredient for
our Stromboli on Tuesday/