Homework for 9/1 – 9/5

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Homework assignments and due dates are subject to change if notified in class.

Week of September 1 – 5
Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday  Friday
6th NWS  Labor Day  Skills Sheet 2 Worksheet  N America Map Due Friday  America Map Due Friday   None
7th Wld Cultures  Labor Day  Spread of Christianity Map  None  Activity Worksheet 2   Study for Test Tuesday
8th Am. Hst.  Labor Day  Review Worksheet. Study for Test  Read pg 15-19. Do section Review  Activity Worksheet 2  None
9th Geo  Labor Day  Chapter ReviewStudy for Test  Section Review due Friday. Study for Test  Section Review Due Friday   None
10th Wld Hst  Labor Day  Review Sheet due Thursday. Study for Test  Review Sheet Section 1 Vocab None
 11th Am. Hst Labor Day  Test Review. Study for Test Read pg 19 to New England pg 20 Chart from pg 20 None