homework for November 4-9

7th grade Bible- parable on pride is due on Monday.   Wednesday’s verse is Psalm 46:10,11 . all this week we will be discussing Abimelech – pride, ambition etc. on Friday we will have a test then- chapter 9

8th grade Bible-  we will be finishing the book of Acts this week. Wednesday’s verse is Acts 4:12. Wednesday will also be a test on the book of Acts.  next week a gospel tract will be due – using the Romans road.

9th grade Bible- Monday we will review our introduction of Revelation and chapter 1. Wednesday we will then be having a test on Revelation 1 – as well as a cumulative memory verse test.  by Friday  you will have made a “worship service bulletin”.

10th grade Bible-  Monday we will review the book of Judges for a test on this book on Wednesday. Wednesday’s verse is Ezekiel 36:26,27. starting Thursday we will begin the book of Ruth, and exploring the concept of the “kinsman-redeemer”.

11th grade Health- Monday we will be planning a menu and then finishing part 2 of chapter 3 on nutrition. Wednesday we will have a quiz on part 2 – chapter 3, and will then collect our “menus” to evaluate.