homework for the week of October 14-18

Monday –   you don’t have school !!   enjoy the day off!!

7th grade Bible-  Wednesday’s verse is Joshua 1:9    also on Wednesday your diorama of Gideon is due- I hope you had fun doing this project          Friday we will be having a test on chapters 1-7

7th grade Health-   Tuesday we will be continuing the circulatory system     Friday we will see a video put out by the American Red Cross

8th grade Bible-  Wednesday’s verse is John 1:14    we will be in the book of John all this week

9th grade Bible- Wednesday’s verse is James 2:18,19   (great verses!)   this week we will be focusing on the sovereignity of God and His wrath vs His long-suffering

10th grade Bible – Wednesday you will be taking your PSAT’s  so no verse this week  Thursday we will review Genesis through Deuteronomy.  on Friday then we will have a test on Genesis thru Deuteronomy

11th grade Health-   bring in your food diary, and your homework assignment on “diets” and artificial sweeteners