homework for the week of October 7-11

7th grade Bible-   Wednesday’s verse is Psalm 1:3. on Wednesday we will be having a test on chapter 6- Deborah and Barak
I will also be collecting your crossword puzzle clues from chapter 6.  Thursday I will give out a rubric detailing the life and battle of
Gideon. this diorama will be due next Friday.

7th grade Health- Monday we will have a test on the muscular system. we will then be starting the circulatory system next

8th grade Bible- Wednesday’s verse is John 1:1,2. Friday a homework assignment on the 7 I AM’s of John is due. we will also have
a test on Luke on Friday.

9th Grade Bible- Monday your Selfish Pig essay on chapter 7 is due. Wednesday’s verse is I Timothy 2:5,6. Thursday we will have
a test on weeks 1-3 . on Friday we have a homework assignment due explaining ETERNITY……..

10th grade Bible-  Monday you have an essay due about “situation ethics”. we will then be having a debate in class on capital punishment.  Wednesday’s memory verse test is cumulative. on Friday we will have a test on Deuteronomy.

11th grade Health- Monday we have a test on the digestive system. I will pass out a test on the entire 11 body systems- which I will
then collect on Wednesday.  then on Wednesday we will start the portion on Nutrition – we will be keeping a log on what we eat
for one week!!!   should be fun.