homework for week of Sept. 15-19

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Homework assignments and due dates are subject to change.
All students are given a homework sheet at the beginning of the marking period to record their assignments and grades.
It is the students responsibility to keep track of their assignments and due dates.

Week of
7th Bible
8th Bible
9th Bible
10th Bible
7th Health
11th Health
Monday  start chapter 4- Ehud  start chap.4  comparing worldviews  Tabernacle item due- start Leviticus  review skeletal system  finish body systems
Wednesday  hmwk- “gods of my life  Leviticus cont.  finish skeletal system
Thursday  first hand accounts of Ehud’s attack  key people from the gospels  test- section 3  hmwk fr0m Levit.
Friday  test- chapter 4 /  verse- 2 Cor. 12:9  test- chap 4 / verse Matt. 6:33,34  God in the schools? verse- Isaiah 40:30,31  test- Leviticus  quiz- skeletal system