Homework for week of Sept. 23-27

7th grade Bible-   Monday we will have a test on chapter 4 – Ehud
Wednesday’s verse- Judges 17:6    on Friday an essay is due on an influential person
that you have been assigned

7th grade Health-   Tuesday we will be having a test on the skeletal and digestive systems

8th grade Bible- Monday your “miracle” from Mark is due. Wednesday’s memory verse is
Matthew 11:28,29

9th grade Bible- Wednesday’s memory verse is Isaiah 40:30,31. we will be discussing
idolatry in the OT and in today’s world as well

10th grade Bible-  Monday we will have a test on Leviticus.  Wednesday’s memory verse is
Psalm 51:1,2,10   . on Friday we will go over an essay assigned to you from the book of

11th grade Health- Monday we will finish the body systems presentation. on Wednesday

we will review all 11 body systems for a test on the following Monday

ALL OF YOU:   don’t forget this Wednesday at 7:00 is See You at the Pole- hope to see you
there!     Friday afternoon is Race for Education- pray for good weather.