HW for week of Nov.18

Hw assignments are as follows:
Mon.-Study Bible p. 41-44.  Recite John 3:3.
Thurs.-Spelling Pretest List 12.
Fri.-Spelling-Write missed words 5 times each.


We are going to Emmanuel Home on Thurs. to perform our Thanksgiving program.

Please remember you are invited to join us for chapel on Tues., Nov 26.  We will be
presenting our Thanksgiving program that morning beginning at 9.

Please remember that the word none for homework doesn’t mean your child has no
homework.  It means your child can be practicing math facts.  Several students are
behind on mastering subtraction facts.  PLEASE take time to practice these basic facts
with your child.  You should also be drilling multiplication and division facts.  We have
already introduced up to the 6 family in multiplication and division.  Many students are
not current in having mastered these facts.