hw for week of Oct.28

Homework assignments are as follows:

Mon.-Science test p.60-80 and activity manual p. 58-70
Bible quiz p. 29-32 and recite John 14:6

Tues.- Reading p. 116-124
Wed.- NONE
Thurs.-Spelling Pretest List 10
Fri.- Spelling- Missed words 5 times each.  Test Mon.

Notes of interest:
This is the last week to master addition.  There are 4 students who have not accomplished
this.  If your child does not master this week, there will be written homework and recess
will be used to master addition facts.

Subtraction facts need to be mastered by the first Thurs. in Dec.

Book-it reading will need to be turned in this Fri. or Mon. at the latest in order to receive
credit for Oct.