HW for week of Oct. 7

The following is a list of this week’s homework:

Mon.-Animal poster is due tomorrow.
Tues.-Reading p. 183-189.  Answer questions.
Wed.-Study for Pretest L.7
Bible-Recite Matthew 5:16 and quiz p. 21-24.
Thurs.-Spelling- Missed words from the pretest need to be written 5 times each.


Important dates this week:

Oct. 5-Happy Birthday to Caryssa Ressler!
Oct. 9- Fire Safety Day
Oct. 11- Grandparent’s Day program begins at 1.

Many thanks to Mrs. Hennett and Mrs. Hernandez for driving us to R. B. Winter State
Park.  We had a wonderful time reviewing the vertebrate animal groups and learning
about ecosystems, food chains, and food webs.