I know you’all love this homeowrk post… so here it is for Sept. 16-20 YEAH!

7th grade Bible-   Monday your application questions on Ehud are due        Wednesday’s memory verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9 and
on Friday you will have a creative writing essay due on Ehud’s battle strategy

8th grade Bible- Monday your “modern day” parable is due. we will review Matthew for a test on Wednesday. your memory verse for Wednesday is Matthew 6:33,34.  on Thursday I will be assigning finding a miracle located in the book of Mark- this will be due on the following Monday

9th grade Bible- Wednesdays’ memory verse is Isaiah 40:28.29 . your Selfish Pig essay is also due on Wednesday – chap 6. Probably on Friday we will be having a test on more attributes of God and mono / poly theism

10th grade Bible – Monday your “extra-mile” essay is due. we will be starting Leviticus . Wednesday’s memory verse is Jeremiah 29:
11-13.   on Friday we will probably be having a test on the book of Leviticus.

7th grade Health- on Tuesday we go over the digestive system and review the skeletal system – for a test on these two body systems on Friday.

11th grade Health – Monday you have a test on the skeletal system. on Wednesday we start body systems presentations

Have a great week!