Literacy Day 2018

Kindergartener, Adam as Batman

Fifth grader, Erika as Elsie the Actress

First grader, Olive as Ariel the Little Mermaid

Fourth grader, Solomon as Woody

Second grader, YvaJade as Little Red Riding Hood

K4 student, Bryson as Charlie Brown

Third graders, Torri as Megan and Chloe as Evie

On Thursday, January 25th, the elementary students had the exciting opportunity to celebrate Reading & Literacy at SCA’s annual Literacy Day event. Parents has the opportunity to watch a literacy day parade filled with well-loved characters like: Nancy Drew, Winnie the Pooh, Pete the Cat, Emily Elizabeth from the Clifford series, and Red Riding Hood. After the parade, all of the students and parents went back to their classrooms for special Literacy Day lessons, and a visit from a Secondary Guest Reader. We love celebrating God’s gift of reading and narrative!