Middle of the quarter

It is hard to believe that it is the middle of the first quarter. Things are going well on my
end and I pray the same for you. This week will be a busy week at SCA.

Tuesday will be our first language test. Just go over the review sheet that comes home.

Wednesday will be our first reading test. Just go over the worksheets that come home.
Thursday is  picture day, so dress nice because they take a class picture, too.
Thursday’s show and tell will be seeds. We want to try to guess what the seeds are from,
so make sure your child knows.
Be looking for midquarters some time this week to see how your child is doing.

Friday is the Race for Education. Dress appropriately for the weather, but shorts are allowed.
Especially wear sneakers and get lots of rest the night before.
We will still have spelling test and verse, but that will probably be all the work for the day.
Come out and cheer your child on, and have a fun day.
It is also Elisha’s birthday on Race for Education day!