High School

Our goal for all high school students is college readiness. Whether or not students actually plan on attending college, we believe that preparing our students for college will equip them for whatever they will face in their transition after high school. Because we are not required to adhere to all of the state testing requirements, our teachers can focus on authentic classroom instruction, without being fixated on standardized tests alone.

As part of our on-going effort to educate students to be well-rounded citizens, all students are required to take classes in each of our five core content areas: Bible, Language Arts, Science, History, and Mathematics. In addition, all students are also required to take Physical Education, Computer Applications courses, Advanced Health and two years of a foreign language.

In order to help round out the educational experience of our high school students, the opportunities listed below are offered:

Advanced Placement & Early College

Through our partnerships with Luzerne County Community College (LCCC), Clarks Summit University, and Switched Online Learning, we are able to provide various opportunities for students to advance in their academic careers. Some SCA students have graduated from high school with as many as 18 credits of college coursework already complete.


We offer various electives to help develop student skills in areas that are creative or out of the ordinary. Some of our elective course offerings include: Computer Electives, Creative Living (a home economics-style class), Chorus, Chamber Choir, Yearbook/Journalism, and Art.

Extracurricular Activities

A well-rounded education does not end in the classroom. We strive to provide many additional opportunities outside of the classroom for students to develop skills and grow in community with each other. Some of our extracurricular opportunities include: varsity sports (soccer, basketball, track, & cross country),instrumental lessons (piano, violin, mandolin, & guitar), theatre opportunities that include a main-stage musical every spring, student government, and Bible study groups.