Mr. Fahringer-Homework-1/26-30

The table below shows what homework is assigned for the coming week. Assignments are subject to change to better suit the needs of the teacher or students. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Fahringer know.


Monday   Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
English 6  NONE Test on Prepositions, Interjections, & Conjunctions tomorrow NONE Vocab. Quiz tomorrow NONE
English 7 NONE NONE NONE Vocab. Quiz tomorrow NONE
English 8  Test on Chapter 6– Adverbs tomorrow NONE NONE Vocab. Quiz tomorrow Grammar Quiz on Prepositions on Monday
Reading 6  NONE Chapter 1 Test on Monday– Study old worksheets and know story plots!
Reading 7 NONE Read Gold Mountain Guts and complete all questions.
Reading 8  Read Watership Down, Chapter 24 and complete worksheet. Read Watership Down, Chapter 26. Study for a quiz on chapters 18-26 on Tuesday.
Math 7 NONE  Sharpening Skills, pg. 166 (all); Quiz tomorrow NONE Sharpening Skills, pg. 173 (all) Sharpening Skills, pg. 175 (all)