Mr. Fahringer-Homework-2/9-13

The table below shows what homework is assigned for the coming week. Assignments are subject to change to better suit the needs of the teacher or students. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Fahringer know.

Just as a reminder, the following classes have some on-going assignments:

6th Grade English– Rough Drafts for Compare-Contrast Essays are due on 2-17; Final copies are due on 2-20

6th Grade Reading– NONE

7th Grade English– Research Paper Rough Draft due 2-20 (the students will have LOTS of time to work on this in class)

7th Grade Reading– Poster Board Project due 2-17

8th Grade English– NONE

8th Grade Reading– NONE

Monday   Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
English 6  NONE NONE NONE NONE COMPLETELY FINISH your compare-contrast essay rough draft over the weekend!
English 7 NONE NONE NONE NONE Write 200 additional words for your research paper rough draft over the weekend!
English 8  NONE Exercise 7-18; Quiz on Conjunctions tomorrow NONE NONE Chapter 7 Test on Prepositions, Conjunctions, & Interjections on Tuesday!
Reading 6  NONE  XX  XX NONE XX
Reading 7 Complete the assigned Unit Review questions. Study for a quiz on Tuesday; Poster-Board Projects due on Tuesday  XX XX XX
Reading 8  XX Read Watership Down, Chapter 30 and complete worksheet NONE  XX XX
Math 7 Test on Unit 7– Finances tomorrow!  NONE Sharpening Skills, pg. 178 (all) Sharpening Skills, pg. 180 (all) Problem Solving, pg. 188 (all)