Mr. Fahringer-Homework-5/11-15

The table below shows what homework is assigned for the coming week. Assignments are subject to change to better suit the needs of the teacher or students. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Fahringer know.

Just as a reminder, the following classes have some on-going assignments:

6th Grade English– NONE

6th Grade Reading– NONE

7th Grade English– Seventh grade students should be prepared to give their book report presentations on the following days:

Monday, May 18 Tuesday, May 19 Wednesday, May 20
Blake Emma Kyle
Braydon Jocelyn Maddy
Shannon Aiyanna Colton
Julia Miciah Zia
Angeline Michaela Kirsten

7th Grade Reading– NONE

8th Grade English– NONE

8th Grade Reading– Eighth grade students should be prepared to give their oral book reports in Reading class on the following days:

Tuesday, May 12 Wednesday, May 13 Tuesday, May 19
Olivia Becky Marissa
Conner Lucas Derek
Erin Bri Khristyn
Josh Rachel Laura
Anthony Josiah Kennedy
Monday   Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
English 6  Worksheet Grammar Quiz tomorrow NONE Chapter 15 Test tomorrow; AOW due tomorrow NONE
English 7 NONE Quiz tomorrow on Spelling Hints NONE Chapter 16 Test tomorrow; AOW due tomorrow Book Report Presentations begin on Monday!
English 8  NONE NONE Chapter 16 Test tomorrow AOW due tomorrow NONE
Reading 6  NONE  XX  XX NONE XX
Reading 7 Memorize stanzas 1 and 2 of Paul Revere’s Ride for class on Monday. NONE  XX XX XX
Reading 8  XX Read and take notes on A Christmas Carol Stave 3; Quiz on Stave 3 tomorrow Read and take notes on A Christmas Carol Stave 4; Quiz on Stave 4 on Tuesday.  XX XX
Math 7 Sharpening Skills, pg. 325 (1-10); Worksheet Unit 12– Geometry Test tomorrow! NONE Problem Solving, pg. 373 (1-5) NONE