Mr. Fahringer-Homework- 8/26-8/28/16

Welcome Back!– The table below shows what homework is assigned for this school week. If you have questions, e-mail Mr. Fahringer at


Wednesday  Thursday Friday
English-6/7   Parent Signature on Course Expectations Form  Complete worksheet  Begin Independent Reading Assignment; Study Spelling Bee words
 English 8  Parent Signature on Course Expectations Form None  None
 English- 9/10  None  Read the poems on pages 99-101 of your literature textbook. Complete questions 1-3 about the poems in your literature notebook. Use complete sentences.  None
 English- 11/12  None  None Answer questions 3 and 6 from page 22 in your literature textbook in your literature notebook. Write a paragraph to respond to each prompt.
 Study Skills 6  None  None Read the article on “violent videogames” using the “talking to the text” strategies. Write a one paragraph reflection on the article on a separate sheet of paper.
Theatre & Acting- 7/8 None