PA Trout in the Classroom Project

Pennsylvania Trout In the Classroom (TIC) is an interdisciplinary program in which students at SCA in fourth grade and secondary science classes learn about cold water conservation while raising rainbow trout from eggs to fingerlings in the school aquarium. TIC has applications in science, mathematics, social studies, language, fine arts, and physical education. This program is completed each year with the release of the the trout into a state-approved trout waterway.

SCA’s participation in the Trout in the Classroom program was made possible through a unique partnership between PA Fish and Boat Commission and PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This partnership, coupled with assistance from local conservation organizations, was created to introduce Pennsylvania students to coldwater resources and their importance to all communities. Each year the partnership provides trout eggs and food, technical assistance, curriculum connections and teacher workshops.

To learn more about the PA Trout in the Classroom Program visit:

We would like to thank the members of the Raymond B. Winter Chapter of Trout Unlimited for sponsoring our program.

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