Instrumental Lessons

A well-rounded education does not end in the classroom.  We strive to provide many additional opportunities outside of the classroom for  students to develop skills and grow in community with each other.  Some of the extracurricular opportunities are instrumental lessons.  Lessons are offered at Sunbury Christian Academy for students in grades 1-12.  If you would like to sign-up for music lessons, please contact the school office at 570-473-7592.


Violin, Guitar and Mandolin Lessons

Instructor:  Rachel Bradigan Jones, Music Hill Studio

Cost: $10 mandolin, $12 guitar, $14 violin per lesson

About the Instructor:  Rachel Bradigan Jones completed her college classes online through the Telos institute International and graduated in 2015 with an A.A. in Music Ministry.  She has been teaching privately since 2008, and has played in the Bucknell University Orchestra, the Susquehanna Valley Chorale, and the Jubilate Choir and Orchestra.

Piano Lessons

Instructor:  Kay Hooper, Kay S. Hooper Piano Studio

Cost:  $20 per lesson

About the Instructor:  Kay S. Hooper earned the Bachelor of Music in Education from Susquehanna University and the Master of Music in Pedagogy from Illinois State University.  She is also Certified Alexander Technique International and a Licensed Andover Educator.  This specialty allows her to train pianists to employ healthy movement for greater ease and facility.