Race for Education

We are praising the Lord for giving us a beautifully sunny day for this year’s Race For Education! It was just a great day as students spent much of the day outside—first, “racing” for an hour, and then enjoying other outdoor activities.  After counting lap bands following the elementary race, it was discovered that there was a 5-way tie for first place! Luke Snyder (2nd grade), Carissa Myers and Luke Spotts (3rd grade), Briana Bluhm (4th grade) and Brooke Snyder (5th grade) each ran 23 laps and will each receive the first place prize of a personalized SCA hoodie along with a new SCA gym sack and $20 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Not far behind them 3rd grader Daniel Hernandez ran 22 laps and will receive the second place prize of a new SCA gym sack filled with sports items.  Due to a Race Day overlook, the following finishers, who each ran 21 laps, will also receive special prizes:  Xaivier Jackson (K4), Erica Stauffer (Kindergarten), Grace Spaide (1st grade) and Caryssa Ressler (3rd).  At the secondary level, Blake Spangler Jones (12th grade) earned first place with 34 laps, with Seth Kabonick (8th grade) taking second place with 31 laps.

The following top lap runners per grade will be awarded First Place ribbons to acknowledge their Race accomplishments:
PS—Ryleigh Rider-11
K4—Xaivier Jackson-21
K—Erica Stauffer-21
1st—Grace Spaide-21
2nd—Luke Snyder-23
3rd—Carissa Myers, Luke Spotts-23
4th—Briana Bluhm-23
5th—Brooke Snyder-23
6th—Emma Atwood-23
7th—Josiah Miller-28
8th—Seth Kabonick-31
9th—Andria Savidge-29
10th—Jed Stuck-30
11th—Cierra Gross-27
12th—Blake Spangler Jones-34