SCA Premium Gold Discount Card

Download SCA Premium Gold Discount Card Information and Order Form
SCA Premium Gold Discount Card Information Order Form – PDF

We are excited to offer the SCA Premium Gold Discount Card!  The card offers valuable discounts to 18 area merchants and can be used as often as you wish until December 2017.  That’s over 12 months of local discounts to enjoy while supporting SCA!  In addition to these discounts, purchasers will also receive The Premium Gold Membership App, an added online membership and cell phone app to dozens of merchants nationwide.  The cell phone app allows users to browse other locations by zip code—great for travelling, rural areas and even friends and family members in other states!

The SCA Premium Gold Discount Card is available for $20 and earns SCA $10 for every card sold.  We’re excited about the potential for this fundraiser and are offering some great incentives to get students involved.

Orders and payment for cards are due November 15, and orders will be available for pick-up/sent home with students on or before November 18.