Second Grade learns about Japanese culture

The students in second grade recently learned some “culture”—Japanese culture, that is!  Each day for a week the class read a folktale story about the people of Japan.  Students also wrote haiku (a specific type of unrhymed verse originating in Japan), painted accompanying pictures to go with the verse, and used calligraphy pens to write Japanese symbols.  In art class, students practiced origami, a paper-folding art—following the directions was difficult!  The week culminated with a “show-and-tell” of Japanese items from classmates and a special presentation from Mrs. Barbara Sassaman (Alexander Sassaman’s grandmother), who spent 7 years in Japan.  To top it off, Mrs. Ashleigh Rider (Christian Rider’s mother) brought in Japanese food items for students to sample.  The class tried using chopsticks to eat, but soon returned to forks after some spills and failed attempts!  Second grade truly enjoyed experiencing Japanese culture!

Mrs. Cathy Leshinskie  – 2nd Grade Teacher