Serving Satisfies Students

Serving Satisfies Students

What if your children were hungry and your next paycheck was still a week away? What would it mean to you to receive a bag of groceries?

On March 29, nine students from the SCA class of 2016, along with their advisor Mrs. Vonnie Campbell and Keith Moore, traveled to Bethesda Mission and packed 380 bags to distribute to the homeless in the greater Harrisburg area.

Mrs. Campbell observed, “Serving others less fortunate is something this class really enjoys doing.” Remarks from members of the senior class show they agree:

  • Packing bags yesterday was a really fun way to bond with my class. It was a win-win because while we were having fun, we were also helping those less fortunate. It was a great day!
  • It makes me feel good inside to know what I did will affect people in a positive way and make their day.
  • Packing bags made me more thankful for the food I’m able to have, the roof above my head, a family that loves me, friends who are there for me, and a Savior who loves me.
  • Each item we put into the bags is going to someone who will genuinely appreciate it. A simple can of soup will feed a family who needs it. That made the trip really special.
  • Packing for homeless people made me appreciate the good homemade food I enjoy every single day.
  • It meant making a difference to people I don’t know, who may someday be brought to Christ by this ministry. Planting seeds is a good thing to do for the glory of God.

Mrs. Campbell and her class request your prayers as they journey to Haiti in less than three weeks to build a house for a family still living on the street.

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