STEM Competition


Recently a team from SCA participated in the PA Governor’s district STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) competition.  The team of 5 included:  Kennedy Dorman, Seth Kabonick, Colton Long, Josiah Miller, and Bailey Rhodes, and was mentored by Mrs. Keller.  Students were challenged with developing a solution to a real-life problem of their choosing that impacts the residents of Pennsylvania.  The SCA team chose to tackle the problem of automobile accidents involving deer, as these wildlife caused 115,000 accidents and 400 million dollars of damage last year in the state.

The group began meeting in October, and utilized the STEM process of identifying, planning, creating, and then improving on a solution.  The team developed an automotive deer repellent device that uses high frequency sound waves (inaudible to humans) to keep deer off the road.  The device was an improvement upon existing similar devices on the market as it installed easily on a front license plate bracket, used solar power, and was remotely operated from inside the vehicle.  Further, the device produced a variable frequency to prevent acclimation of the deer to the sound.

In addition to presenting their project at the district competition, the team also participated in a project-in-a-box competition where they had 30 minutes to solve a problem given a box items.  The team was able to come up with a “vehicle” that traveled the farthest distance in that competition.  Kudos to the team for all of their hard work over the last several months.  The group learned that time management, budgeting, and teamwork were all essential to the success of their project.

 -Mrs. Heather Keller