Support SCA

Sunbury Christian Academy is an exemplary academic institution because of the commitment of our faculty, parents, alumni, students, and community. From cheering at a sporting event to serving lunch to our students, to volunteering,  to your financial  support, many lives are enriched at SCA because of you.

Please prayerfully consider sharing your time, talent, and treasures.


Sustained Giving Program

One of the things that has helped SCA the most is our Sustained Giving Program. This program allows those that are able to commit to giving a certain amount of money to SCA per month. We would like to get away from so many fundraisers, and instead build up this program where we know exactly what we can count on each year. The Lord has really blessed us through this program already. We have people who give anywhere from $20.00 per month to $500.00 per month. We realize everyone can’t do this but there are many that can. We hope, that if the Lord lays SCA on your heart, you will consider being a part of our Sustained Giving Program.