The Trout Are Back

SCA students officially started their “Trout In the Classroom” (TIC) program in early November when 369 viable brook trout eggs arrived. The eggs, carefully packaged and shipped by the PA Fish & Boat Commission, had to be sorted and acclimated to our fresh cold-water aquarium.

The fourth grade and high school biology classes will be working together to raise the native brook trout over the next seven months. Students conduct water quality tests and monitor the growth of the trout as they develop into “sac fry”. During this time the “sac fry” are protected in darkness while they continue to develop. This week, the “fry” can now be viewed as they were released from their nest and are able to swim freely. Students have begun feeding the fish as they continue to develop into the “fingerling” stage. In May the remaining fingerlings will be released into Little Shamokin Creek, a state-approved trout stream.

SCA’s participation in the Trout in the Classroom program is made possible through a unique partnership between the PA Fish and Boat Commission and PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This partnership, coupled with assistance from local conservation organizations, was created to introduce Pennsylvania students to cold-water resources and their importance to all communities. The partnership also provides brook trout eggs, trout food, technical assistance, curriculum connections and teacher workshops each year. More than 300 schools across the state of Pennsylvania participate in TIC. SCA is one of only two schools currently supporting TIC in Northumberland County.

Thank you Mrs. Hoover, and Mrs. Keller, for leading and helping with this educational project.