Trout in the Stream!

Has it been six months already? It is hard to believe that 421 Brook Trout eggs arrived at SCA on November 4th and the May 5th release date for the remaining Brook Trout has already come and gone.

A lot has been learned over the past six months. The students in the fourth grade and the twelfth grade ecology class have learned the life cycle of the Brook Trout. They understand that water quality and 52 degree water is extremely important to these trout. One thing students will definitely remember is that Big Bob is always hungry and if there is no food around his friends look pretty tasty to him.

The students had a unique opportunity on May 5th. We met the Fish & Boat Commission stocking truck to help stock rainbow and brown trout and then release the remaining trout from our program.

Pennsylvania’s statewide TIC program is made possible through a unique partnership between Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU) and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

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