Walnut St. at SCA

After falling behind 1-0 at the half , the Lady Eagles responded with two unassisted goals from Brandy Schroth and Abby Daddario.  A late goal in the second half by the Lady Warriors led to a shooting frenzy by the Lady Eagles but the ball had a hard time finding its way into the back of the net as the Lady Eagles finished their first game of 2012 with a 2-2 tie.

The Eagles started the scoring quickly as Blake Spangler-Jones connected with Branden Sheaffer for a nice head flick into the upper 90 1:32 into the game. Three more goals from Sheaffer, Taylor Edwards and Karch Carey carried the Eagles into the second half with a comfortable 4-0 lead. The game settled into a relaxed pace for the Eagles as the younger players got a good workout in as they manned the front line for the second half. Two more goals came from Spangler-Jones and Caleb Moyer scores his first goal as a new member of the Eagles as the Eagles finish with a 6-0 victory and a good start to the 2012 season.