Week of September 2 – September 6

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Homework assignments and due dates are subject to change.
All students are given a homework sheet at the beginning of the marking period to record their assignments and grades.
It is the students responsibility to keep track of their assignments and due dates.

Week of September 2 – September 6
Ecology Excel Physical Science Biology 7th Grade Computer
Monday Labor Day Labor Day Labor Day Labor Day Labor Day
Tuesday Mammal Monday Assigned Due September 9 In class assignments Candle Lab Grass Lab Study Notes
Wednesday Quiz #1 – Ecosystems Question Packet #1 Due Candle Lab Lab Report Due Sept. 16 Wrap up Grass Lab Grass Lab Report Due Sept. 30

Scientific Method Question Packet  – due Monday Sept. 9

Study Notes
Thursday Biome Assignment – In class In class assignments Review for Chapter
1 & 2 Test – Test is on September 12
Start Microscope Unit Study Notes Quiz #2 on Tuesday September 10
Friday Current Event #1 Due today Biome Assignment – In class Due September 11 In class assignments Starting Chapter 3 Making Measurements Study Notes Away soccer game Students in Study Hall